1. Participatory Structures


Small Christian Communities or ANBIYAMS  (Also Known as Basic Christian Communities)
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Small Christian Communities (ANBIYAMS)

Anbiyam or Small Christian communities (also known as basic Christian Communities is the basic unit of the parish and of the church at large. All the families of the parish are gathered together, in groups of about 20 - 25 families each, in 27 Anbiyams (2013), according to the areas where they are located.)

The Anbiyam is a participatory structure in and through which every member of the parish has a say in the decision making process and also has the responsibility of carry out the decisions.

The Anbiyam is the Basic unit of the church where the word of God in proclaimed discovered and shared by the members among themselves.

The Anbiyam is the Missionary structure in which every Christian exercises his / her call to witness to the Faith is love, through fellowship among Christians, sharing in the joys and sorrows of each other and by an out-going spirit of reaching out to the needy thus the Anbiyam is an agent of social change based on the values of the gospel - a foretaste of the kingdom of God.

Anbiyam Co-ordination meetings

The Leaders of all the Anbiyams come together on the first Sunday every two months (Alternatively with the Parish Council meeting) To share what is happening in the Anbiyam (Reports are brought in prescribed form) and to plan for the future. This group of about 140 persons serves also as the wide forums for consultation for decision making and implementation of the decisions


In our parish at present (December 2013) there and 27 Anbiyams - some more are in the process of forming as given below.

Parish Pastoral Council    (Also known as Parish Council)
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Parish Pastoral Council

The parish council is the official body to help the parish priest make decisions and to implement them. This is a pastoral and a participatory structure.
Every Anbiyam sends its representative to the parish council
The parish council meets on the first Sunday every two months (alternating with the Anbiyam coordination)
The present ( 2013) parish council members

Anbiyam / Groups Member
Punitha Arulanandar Anbiyam Mr. A. Felix Inbaraj
Punitha Chinnappar Anbiyam Mr. J. Irudaya Xavier 
Punitha Thomayar Anbiyam Mrs. C. Celine Ruby
Punitha Mark Anbiyam  Mr. M. Xavier
Punitha Soosayappar Anbiyam Mrs. T. Arul Mozhi
Fatima Matha Anbiyam Mr. S. Soosayappu
Punitha Velanganni Anbiyam Mr. G. Soosai Arockiasamy
Punitha Gerard Majella Anbiyam Mr. I. Gnana pragasam
Punitha Mathew Anbiyam Mr. A. Arockiasamy
Punitha Lucas Anbiyam Mr. A. Christopher cells
JebaMalai Matha Anbiyam Mr. G. Robert
Lourdu Annai Anbiyam Mrs. P. Sahaya Rani
Punitha Anthoniyar Anbiyam Mrs. D. Sahaya Mary
Punitha Saveriyar Anbiyam Mr. I. P. Samuel
Punitha Rayappar Anbiyam Mr. A. J. Britto
Punitha Alphonse Liguoriar Anbiyam Mr. Arther James
Vinnarasi  Matha Anbiyam Mr. K. John Britto
Punitha Kulandai Therasal Anbiyam Mr. Arockia John Kennedy
Punitha Arulappar Anbiyam Mr. C. Amal Raj
Punitha Micheal Anbiyam Mr. A. George Thomas
Punitha Alphonsa Anbiyam Mr. P. Navamani Pushparaj
Punitha Santhiagappar Anbiyam Mr. Sahaya Arul Raj
Saint Jude SCC Mr. Brendan Rosario
Vishal Nagar Anbiyam  
Vanakka Matha Anbiyam Mr. C. Thomas Pandiyan 
Youth Representative Mr. R. Rossario
News Bulletin Representative ************
Choir Representative Mr. I. Dominic Savio
Appointed by parish priest
(3 members)

Mr. J. Francis Bala

Mr. A. Peter Antony

Mr. I. Raja Alangaram


The Rev. Sister (Superior) from each of the Converts all also members

Parish Council Executive

President and parish priest Fr. S. Santiago CSsR
Vice president Mr. J. Francis Bala
Secretary Mr. A. Christopher Cells
Joint Secretary Mr. C. Amal Raj
Treasurer Mr. A. George Thomas
Member Mr. I. P. Samuel



The executive meets as often as needed and before and after every parish council meeting.

Finance Committee
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By church law, every parish should have a finance committee to plan and administer the finance of the parish.

The Finance Committee plans the structural improvements to be made in the church and in the campus and carrier it out with the consent and cooperation of the Arulakam Redemptorist community.

All collections for events like the annual feast, Christmas, Holy Week, Easter, parish Day, Pongal and any event involving expenses are taken care of by the Finance Committee. When an event is completed, accounts are submitted to the parish council and are also published is “Sahaya Anjal” – the parish News Bulletin.

The parish council Executive serves also as the parish Finance Committee.

                                                                          (See parish council Executive)

Catechetical Commission
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Catechism for children up to 12th standards is the only purpose of this commission. All students up to 12th standards are expected to attend the catechism classes which are hold every Sunday morning after the Mass. Attendance Registers are maintained and children who are regular are encouraged by prizes distributed at the Annual day celebration in the month of May.

Thanks to the genrosity of sponsors, we are able to provide light refreshments (biscuits) to children’s after the Sunday school to keep their stomachs quiet till they reach home for breakfast.

Occasional children’s Mass, cultural programmes, games and art competition are some of the other features of the Maraikalvi Mandram.

At present (December 2013) there are 15 committed teaches (Member of the Catechetical Commission). They are

Liturgy Committee
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The committee is small groups of persons, under the leadership of the parish priest. Apart from seeing to the regular arrangements for the liturgy, the committee becomes very active during special liturgical seasons and festival days.

The Liturgy committee (2013)

Parish Priest              Fr. S.santhiago CSsR
Secretary                  Mr. Jeyaraj
Choir master            Mr. Gnanapragasam
Sacristan                  **********
Parish Council Rep   Mr. Christopher Cells

Religious Rep           Sr.Amali

Evangelization Committee
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A group of about 50 persons, men and women have come together to form the evangelization commission of the parish.
• They come together to listern to the word of god, to reflect together and to pray.
• They pray in the homes of the parishioners.
• They systematically group themselves into 3 – 5 groups to visit all the families of the parish during Advent session and bring the message of Christians.
• They accompany the parish priest at the time of house visiting and house blessing, particularly during the paschal Season.

The members of the Evangelization Commission (2013)


Education Committee
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The education commission monitors the education fund of the parish. The education committee works as follows,
• To help poor students from the Fund.
• To encourage 10th and 12th students to attain optimum works: The students are given cash awards according to the marks they obtain in the Public examination.
• Only students who are regular to the Sunday catechism classes can avail of these prizes
• A Sunday in early June is church as the "Education Day". Teachers and students are highlighted.
• In February / March special Sunday Mass is celebrated for the 10th and 12th students special blessings are showered on them and each one is gifted with a pen to write the Examination.

The present (2013) Education Committee

Parish council executive
The headmistresses of the Four Schools in our Parish
Mr. Paul Xavier
Mr. Dominic Savio

2. Movements


       1.Youth Movement
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1.Youth Groups

Youth groups for boys and girls function separately but come together for common actions. The groups meet either separately or together every Sunday. The main objectives of the Youth movement are:

* To inculcate the values of responsible adulthood and respect for elders as mature Christians.
* To learn some skills of leadership.
* To become socially aware and to spread the same awareness
* To be ready to do any service in the parish in order to inculcate a spirit of service in society.

Youth Activities in 2013


* Seminar on leadership by Fr.S.Santiago
* Awareness action against the evils of fire crackers.
* Bringing the message of Christmas to the homes of the Sri Lankan refugee camps.
* Building the Christmas crib in the parish Eye camp - in collaboration with the Vincent de Paul Conference
* Conducting the Thanksgiving Holy Hour - 31 Dec 2013
* Youth tour - to Rameswaram

Youth Animators:

Mrs. Regina Mary & Mr. Dominic Savio

The members of the Youth Groups (2013)


Young men

Young women

      2. Senior Laity Forum
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For Parishioners above the age of 60, this forum is a welcome place to meet, to share and to have fun in a meaningful manner. The Holy Cross Sisters and their Co-Workers are organizing their forum.

* The seniors have conducted a Sunday liturgy to the delight of all
* They have had a Christmas celebration of their own.
* They meet every second Saturday in Saint Clements.

3. Associations


      1. St. Vincent de Paul Conference
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This World-wide organization has its branch in our parish.With local contribution and the contribution of the member themselves, they take care of families, providing ration for them and providing for clothes and note books for poor students of the adopted families they also provide first communion dresses for poor children.

Every second Sunday of the worth, they take of collection outside the church for their good works. They hold their weelups every for tonight.


At present (2013) members are


    2. Legion of Mary
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The Legion of Mary, another world-wide organization, is well represented in our parish with four Presidia. The four Presidia are:
• Presidiums of Mary, mother of the Redeemer. This is the central presidiums the members (2013) are

      3.Altar Serves 


     4. Parish Chair
In our parish at present (December 2013) there and 27 Anbiyams - some more are in the process of forming as given below.
No  Anbiyam Name Leaders        Names Part    Nos Meeting Days
V President
J Secretary
P C Member
Jeyaloor Sekar
Victoria Bastin S
Viagula Fatima
Felix Inbaraj A


1st & 3rd Sunday
V President
J Secretary
P C Member
Pushpam Andrew S
Paulina Packiamary S
Maria J
John Varghese D
Suguna Yasmine J
Irudaya Xavier J


2nd Sunday
V President
J Secretary
P C Member
Celine Ruby C
Packia Jothi S
Maria Stella J
Jessi Kala
Mary Hebsiba S
Celine Ruby C


Once in a month
04 PUNITHA MARK President
V President
J Secretary
P C Member
Xavier M
Devaraj T
John Willington W
Deisy Diaz R
Arockiaraj A
Xavier M


3rd Sunday
V President
J Secretary
P C Member
Vigneshwari S
Regina S
Morine Medonna T
Mary jenifer G
Maria Dusnavis


2nd & 4th Tuesday

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